Simplest Multi-Camera
Live Streaming

Forget about complicated setups and bulky cables, stream easy and fast with your smartphones.

Easy Production and
Camera Direction Studio

Become truly wireless by cloud control room using any laptop with a web browser. Connect smartphones via 4G or WiFi and start your branded, multi-camera streaming in a few minutes.

  • Low-latency & Cloud-based solution
  • Easily connect multiple live video sources using Streamix Camera app
  • Switch instantly between cameras or pre-recorded videos

Graphic Overlays

Easy-to-use branding tools with custom overlays, logos, and lower thirds with real-time information.

  • Add your own logos and branding.
  • Update lower-thirds on the fly.
  • Split screen multiple cameras

Remote Connection

Connect multiple Streamix Cameras from anywhere in the world. Do a live talk between someone in Spain and someone in Brazil as if they were in the same room.

  • Connect using 4G or WiFi from anywhere
  • Run Streamix Studio in any browser
  • Upload any image to customize your stream.

Cloud-based Live Streaming

Our cloud technology provides a flexible live streaming without giving up the reliability and performance. 

  • No need for a high-end devices. Our servers do the hard work!
  • Failsafe features to keep your live streaming always up
  • Do camera direction remotely as if you were in the same location.
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More Live Streaming Features

Stop making complicated live streamings, we are the all in one solution

Screen Sharing & Webcam

You can also share the screen of any computer or connect any webcam to behave as another camera with communication.

Audio & Video Mixing

Select which camera goes live, split the screen with up to 4 cameras at the same time and mix the audios from any of the connected cameras or videos.

Stream to anywhere

Using our platform you can stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or any service that support RTMP. You can also multicast to up to 3 endpoints.

Now I can go live in a matter of seconds when usually it takes me hours to get ready to stream. Loving it!
Lucas Jones
Video Producer
With Streamix I was able to go live quick with the smartphones I already have without having to think about buying or renting new equipment
Jane Williams
Digital Content Editor

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